As I child I was always known as “the kid who could draw”. Well, no, I wasn’t–I was probably known as the kid who was kind of weird and drew in the margins of her notebook more than in between them. After becoming technically a grownup, I decided to turn my obsession with margin-doodling into a career, so I became an animator and illustrator. I was delighted to find that there the weirdness was an asset.

Writing and illustrating children’s books stayed off my radar for many years, until I realized that wrillustration incorporates not only drawing and weirdness, but also the best parts of childishness. It’s also just plain beautiful to me. As an adult I hope to be known as the weird kid who draws.

I live in Chicago with a small assortment of humans and other animals.

My last name is pronounced “Oh”, but I don’t make a fuss when people say “Awwwh”.




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